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  • This lightly sweetened cider celebrates the success of the "Millionaires' Row" story. The pinnacle of that success may be they had a vision to make Summerland famous for all it had to offer. This early entrepreneurial vision has exploded into the modern day reality of outstanding quality fruit, wine and cider to be found throughout the district of Summerland. Today we can all taste the sweet success of the "Millionaires' Row" story. 


    Crisp, clean, and refreshing. Using only apples grown on our estate orchard, this is the best BC has to offer.  Soft and delicate aromas, this prosecco-style cider finishes with a slight dryness with fruity and floral after taste.  A really easy sipper.  Pairs will with – everything.  Vegan and naturally gluten-free.


    7% alc/vol – 500ml

    Modern Miracle

    Excluding GST/HST

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