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Our Family

The Annable family came from Alberta five years ago and fell in love with the unique small town charm and rich history Summerland has to offer. With a long history in agriculture, finance and a diverse variety of interests, it was clear that the Annable's future is in the continuation of Summerland's Story.

Owners, Brett and Janet Annable have been married for a long, long time. We won't tell you just how long, that's a story for another day. Brett and Janet raised two sons, Nelson and Nolan, both of whom are proudly part of making Millionares' Row Cider Co. come to life.

(Pictured from left to right)

Janet is in the details, making for a gifted craft cidermaker. Her care for the quality of every part of the product shows. 

Nelson, more often than not, you will see Nelson around. Trained in Business and Marketing, Nelson enjoys serving in the tasting room and is our Sales Representitive. He puts in a big effort harvesting apples in the fall. 

Brett is Brett. That won't change... 

Nolan is pursuing a career in Engineering. He also, pursued and captured the heart of a beautiful young lady from Saskatchewan; named Mekenna.
Mekenna is soon to be graduating as a teacher and has a love for all kinds of outdoor activities. Nolan and Mekenna love to help out on the orchard and have grafted many older gala trees to more traditional cider apples.

The Orchard

Millionaires' Row Cider Co. continues on Summerland's Story with an orchard that is over 100 year old.
The orchard is home to plenty or apple varieties, from household favorites like Ambrosia and Gala to lesser known varieties such as Winesap and Aurora. There was about nine different varieties when the Annable family purchased the property, 5 years ago.
The orchard is located on what was historically known as Millionaires' Row, and now has over 20 apple varietals, as the Annable family have grafted over some of the older trees to include more traditional cider apples. 

It's Summerland's Story

Our story starts in the early 1900s, with Lord Thomas Shaughnessy of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Shaughnessy landed in Summerland and immediately took a kind liking to the area. He saw the potential for fruit lots to be developed in the arid land and exported throughout Canada. Of course, being a railwayman, he envisioned the Canadian Pacific Railway would be the means of exporting this new and exciting produce. 

The Summerland Development Company extended Shaughnessy's vision of a bright future. Many influential businessmen bought the fruit lots with hopes of newly planted trees bringing prosperity. With most wealthy investors having big names in banking and some well-known railway tycoons, the area gained the nickname 'Millionaires' Row.'

Here is the best part of the story...

People eventually bought the lands offered by the Summerland Development Company from all over Canada. The inflows of hard-working, ambitious people from other provinces brought diversity to Summerland. Success was at hand.

The property Millionaires' Row Cider Co. is on was purchased in 1916 by an Albertan family. That family is the Hermiston's, who are still in Summerland to this very day and continue to impact the community positively. The Hermiston's sold the property to the Annable's in 2016.


Yes, that is 100 years of faithfully farming the 10 acres of fruit trees. 

To continue on the story, the Annable family, now five years in, with only 95 more to go!

But wait, there is more...


Each bottle of our fine hand-crafted cider tells a part of the inspiring story of Summerland's early days.