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Our Family

We are a mom and pop (and son!) operating an Okanagan craft cidery. Together we run the orchard and then go through all the complex work it takes to make the best apple ciders we possibly can. This venture is only made possible by combining our diverse skill sets.

Even with all the daily challenges that come with being in this type of business, it continues to be a whole lotta fun! Our favorite part is doing cider tastings and meeting craft cider lovers.

Nelson, Brett, and Janet Annable. 

The Orchard

The cidery is located on an orchard that is over 100 years old. 

We have many different types of apple planting. We also have many different types of apples.  There are modern dessert apples like Ambrosia and Gala, heritage apples, crabs apples, and traditional cider apples that no one has heard of. 

These apples are hand harvested at peak time to bring forward the best characteristic for our cider. 

It's Summerland's Story

Our story starts in the early 1900s, with Lord Thomas Shaughnessy of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Shaughnessy landed in Summerland and immediately took a kind liking to the area. He saw the potential for fruit lots to be developed in Summerland and then export this high quality fruit all throughout Canada. Of course, being a railway man, he envisioned the Canadian Pacific Railway would be the means of exporting this new and exciting produce. 

The Summerland Development Company extended Shaughnessy's vision of a bright future. Many influential businessmen bought the orchard lots with hopes of newly planted trees bringing prosperity. These wealthy investors is why the Prairie Valley area gained the nickname 'Millionaires' Row.'

Here is the best part of the story...

People from all over Canada came to the sunny Okanagan and bought the fruit lots. The inflows of a diverse group of hard-working, ambitious people from all over Canada brought success to Summerland. 

Today our 10 acre property continues in the long running Millionaires' Row tradition of growing the highest quality fruit and offering it for all to enjoy!


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