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14113 Dale Meadows Road, Summerland BC

Business Hours: Closed For The Season

                      Opening again April 2021

Tel: 778-381-6015


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Millionaires' Row Cider Co. is a family-run cidery located on an apple orchard in Summerland BC with a rich history.


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High N' Dry

Makin' A Mint

Modern Miracle

Millionaires' Row Cider Co Partners: 

This dry cider is made from a blend of  both cider and dessert apples, beginning our story of Millionaires' Row. These higher elevation lands of Prairie Valley sat mostly undeveloped until Lord Thomas Shaughnessy established the Summerland Development Company. As wealthy, influential investors bought in, these dry lands became bountiful fruit orchards.   

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This hopped flavored cider jumps onto the story of the Canadian Railway. Many of the Millionaires' Row investors were involved with the CPR. Lord Thomas Shaughnessy was the president, and his strategy was for the new orchards in Summerland to provide the CPR and hotels with fresh fruit and produce. 

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This mint, lemon, and hibiscus flavored cider refreshes the story of how money and influence were on the side of these businessmen. Some of the faces of "Millionaires' Row" were presidents, directors, and managers of leading Canadian financial institutions. Their access to capital was a key to the Millionaires' Row story. Summerland's own historic bank building from the early 1900's can still be seen on main street today. 

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This lightly sweetened cider celebrates the success of the "Millionaires' Row" story. The pinnacle of that success may be they had a vision to make Summerland famous for all it had to offer. This early entrepreneurial vision has exploded into the modern day reality of outstanding quality fruit, wine and cider to be found throughout the district of Summerland. Today we can all taste the sweet success of the "Millionaires' Row" story. 

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Millionaires’ Row Cider Co.